Fedora Project structure

So way back in the day when the Fedora Project was first conceived, the idea was to follow the excellent model as set forth by the Apache Software Foundation: the meritocracy.

Read it over:


From my perspective, I think that you could probably take this document, do a little bit of search-and-replace, a tweak here and a tweak there, and it’s what the Fedora Project ought to look like. The ASF is a proven model. We like it. Tastes great, less filling, all of that.

To wit:

* Apache has the Board of Directors. We have the Fedora Project Steering Committee.

* Apache has Project Management Committees, or PMCs. We have the Fedora Extras Steering Committee, which is pretty much identical to a PMC. There will be other projects rolling down the pike, and their governing structures will look an awful lot like PMCs as well. We’re concentrating on the Extras committee first because it’s where we can get the most immediate traction, and where people can help *right now*.

* Apache has Committers. So do we. In fact, the CLA that one fills out to become a committer for Fedora Extras bears a striking similarity to the CLA that one fills out to become a committer to the Apache project. Committers, because they are doing some of the heaviest lifting, also have a louder voice — but then again, anyone who wants to become a committer, can (assuming they can prove they have the basic skillset required). It’s just a matter of going to fedoraproject.org, reading the docs, filling out a form, and finding someone to sponsor you.

The time will come (and that right soon, I hope) when all of this is True with a capital T, and represented in a glorious document of governance. But until that time, I think it’s important that folks understand the direction and the idea. It’s not about exclusion; it’s about structure and getting things done.

Fedora Project structure

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