So here’s a problem. And also a solution. I think. Maybe.

See, Fedora is pretty darned good, considering. But hey, ho, whaddya know… software has bugs. And Fedora gets used. A lot. And when lots of people use software with bugs, lots of people run into lots of bugs. Which is bad.

But we’ve got this great mechanism for reporting bugs called bugzilla, so that when people find bugs, they can report them to us. That way, there’s a decent chance that someone will fix them. Which is good.

Except that people who report bugs don’t necessarily know what makes for a good bug report versus what makes for a bad bug report. They also don’t know to look for other cases in which people may already have reported the same bug. Therefore, bugzilla ends up being positively chock full of bugs, many of which are either duplicates or of speculative value. Which is bad.

As it turns out, though, there are a lot of people in the community who are willing to help by looking at bugs and deciding if they’re actual bugs, or if they’re duplicate bugs, or if they’re not bugs at all. These people can help close the fake bugs, which means that developers can concentrate on fixing real bugs. Which is good.

Problem is, though, that it’s a full-time job giving these noble souls everything they need to succeed. And the people who have led the Fedora Triage project in the past have done so in their spare time, and when these folks don’t have the time, Triage doesn’t happen. Which is bad.

Fortunately, we’ve realized this, and so we’re looking for someone who can provide this leadership on a full-time basis. We’re looking for someone who (a) knows their way around bugzilla, (b) knows their way around Fedora, (c) can tell a good bug report from a bad bug report, (d) wants to make Fedora better, and (e) can convince other people to help. Oh, and (f), is a well-evolved person generally. If we find such a person, we’ll very likely hire them. Which is good.

Otherwise, I’m gonna end up putting more of my own time into this, which is already split between eleventy-zillion projects as it is. Which is bad.

So. If you’re interested, you should strongly consider getting in touch with me. Won’t take too much cleverness to figure out how. 🙂 Inbox always open.


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