Mono and Fedora.

Forgive me if it’s taken me a little while to speak on this topic. When I get into a fight with my wife, she’ll get mad at me for not saying anything, when in fact I’m sitting there trying to say the right things instead of the stupid things.

This is kind of like that.

First, I’m going to give you the Official Statement. Ready? Here it is:

“Business considerations that prevented certain Mono components from being included in Fedora previously have now been resolved.”

Not very satisfying, is it? I know.

* * *

So what now? Now is when I ask you, the members of the Fedora community, to trust us for a little while.

Trust is kind of like a bank. You’ve got to make some deposits in the trust bank before you can make withdrawals — and this is definitely a withdrawal.

There’s a lot of people working hard to Do The Right Thing with Fedora. We’re working on ways to delegate authority into the community. Our goal is to live up to our promise to be “Red Hat Supported, Community Driven.” I hope that over the past year, we’ve made some deposits in the trust bank by making strong moves in that direction. I also know how far we have to go.

So now I’m going to make all of you another promise:

As soon as I can give you more details about the decision, I will.

Some of you won’t be satisfied with that answer, and I can’t blame you. But for right now, it’s the only answer I have to give.

Mono and Fedora.

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