…personally, I think you’re dead on about the value that Red Hat could add to the voting question. Time to do some exploring.

I’ve looked at some of this stuff myself. Michael Tiemann and I were both at the EFF hearing in Raleigh last December when they successfully chased Diebold out of the state (mad props to my litigating homey MattZ, hope you enjoyed the barbecue, you’re a freaking animal). I’ve also had some contact with the folks at Open Voting Consortium, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with them — need to remedy that.

Also I’m looking to get in touch with the folks behind eVACS — which is, near as I can tell, the only open source-based election system that’s ever been successfully used.

So we’ll see where it goes. Thanks for the swift kick in the behind, dude. 🙂


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