Another job at Red Hat

So since we’re advertising jobs on our blogs now… 🙂

There’s a job opportunity at Red Hat for “someone who *really* knows how to build good RPMs.”

Here’s the deal: as Red Hat gets bigger, more and more people want to package software to run with RHEL and Fedora. In the community, we’ve already got lots of good folks who do this, and do it well. But potential partners aren’t always so clear on the process, and they don’t necessarily have the deep community roots to build upon. Sometimes, vendors can use a bit of help.

So I said, “wouldn’t it be perfect if we could find people with community-developed expertise in packaging RPMs for this position?” And somebody listened.

If you’re interested, O you community giants, apply for the job — and drop me a line letting me know you’ve applied, so when it comes time to tiptoe through the resumes, I can put Gold Stars on the ones from Fedora-land.

Another job at Red Hat

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