So long, Eric, and thanks for all the fish.

I don’t have a lot of time for this kind of stuff right now, so I’ll keep it brief. Some thoughts:

1. Eric, I’m honored that my name is the one you seem to associate with Fedora — since you go so far as to attribute mailing list posts to me in threads that I haven’t even read, much less contributed to. Maybe it’s a byproduct of your attendance, at my invitation, to the very first FUDCon in Boston 2005. You spoke passionately, I listened intently, and we’ve gone a long way to solving a lot of the problems you brought up — although, as in any meaningful endeavor, there’s always more work to be done. I thank you for that time. In future, if you want to call out an individual for all of Fedora’s failings, that individual is Max Spevack. 😉

2. Given that (a) you’re now on the Freespire board, and (b) Freespire and Ubuntu are now connected through the Linspire/Canonical deal, it would perhaps have been a useful exercise in transparency if you’d pointed out that you now have a potential business relationship to consider in your choice of distributions.

3. We’ve actually been working quite actively with the nice folks at Fluendo to solve the multimedia problem, in a way that allows us to provide users with easy access to all the proprietary codecs they might want — but in a way that allows us to educate users as well about the real choices they’re making, and ensures that Fedora continues to be a free and freely redistributable Linux distribution, suitable as a building block for all kinds of free software innovations (like this one). Because to us, making things “just work” is not sufficient to drive meaningful change. The Ubuntu approach is to *hide* these issues from users, and hope they go away; the Fedora approach is to attempt to *solve* these issues in a responsible way, which is slower but more effective in the long run. In Fedora 7, you’ll see what we mean. (Or, at least, you *would* have seen what we meant. Sorry you’re not sticking around, but really, it’s not surprising.)

4. It’s clear that you consider Fedora to be a failure. I am humbled and grateful that millions of Fedora users, and thousands of active Fedora contributors, disagree with you — and I’m also thankful that those numbers continue to grow. I think that growth is a direct result of the good decisions we’ve made: inclusion, innovation, and a strong focus on Free Software.

Enough of all that — back to work.

So long, Eric, and thanks for all the fish.

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