Fedora 8

Well, Fedora 7 was fun. Now we get to think about Fedora 8.

FIRST: we’re going to start tracking release dates for Fedora much more aggressively. The current goal: release Fedora twice a year, at Halloween and May Day, every year. Which means a short release cycle this time ’round, so we basically have zero time to hang out and enjoy it too much. Preliminary release schedule is here (although the wiki is superslow right now, so you may want to wait a day or two to check it out).

SECOND: it’s already time to start thinking about the next FUDConHack. Probably mid to late July. Watch this space for a more official pronouncement. The model for FUDCon Boston 2007 was good, so we’ll probably follow that model again. This time we may have it in Raleigh. Although, come to think of it, maybe it’s a better idea to start having the *summer* FUDConHack in Boston and the *winter* FUDConHack in Raleigh. Oh well. 🙂

THIRD: do you have features you want in Fedora? Start proposing them as soon as you possibly can. Put your requests on the preliminary feature list here (although, again, you may want to wait a day or two for the wiki to cool down after the release.)

Good times all around.

Fedora 8

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