I have succumbed…

…to the horde of Twitterers.

Maybe I’ll use it, maybe I won’t… but at least I’ve got a Twitter account to add to my growing list of Mugshot services. I’m gonna be the webtwopointohiest, srsly.

Meanwhile, I spend my Saturday afternoon setting up demos for NECC 2007. OLPC, Fedora 7/Revisor/Live CD, a bit of RHEL5 desktop, all kinds of good stuff to talk about. Shawn Briscoe, Red Hat education czar, has asked me to wear my red fedora — which I don’t generally do, but at a big trade show it’s an incredibly effective way of getting people to talk to you.

I’m excited. There’s something happening in education right now. One-to-one computing is an important movement in the educational computing space, and we’ve really got a lot to offer there on a lot of levels. So I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of interesting people and I’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff. It’s really not hard to install Linux in an entire school, and get as much benefit or more as you can from an equivalent Windows purchase — for a lot less money. The key question: how do we build a strong network of professionals to support these school efforts the way they need to be supported? That’s what Shawn and I will be trying to figure out this week.

Also, I guarantee that *dozens* of teachers will be asking how they can get OLPCs in their American classrooms. My standard answer is “once we know it’s actually gonna work.” But I think it’s time to start developing a more coherent answer. If anyone has a good one, I’d love to hear it. 🙂

I have succumbed…

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