The Borough is awesome.

So I’m here in The Borough for the first time evar (thanks alikins), and it is funky and awesome. Here’s what’s going on:

1. The guy on the couch across from me is running Gentoo on his laptop. srsly. “Linux sucks,” he mumbles. And not without good reason. He is currently in the process of emerging 100 packages. Completely teh awesum. He’s apparently here for a LAN party — of which the other members have yet to show up, evidently. (Max, you need to arm me with a whole bunch of Fedora 7 Live CDs, so I can perform interventions in future cases like this.)

2. The same guy has apparently won four of the Eating Contests that the Borough holds on a regular basis. He’s the Kobayashi-san of the greater Raleigh area. I finished my Brute Squad (cheeseburger and fries) very quickly this evening, since I was incredibly hungry and have a lot of work to get done tonite, and he looked at my plate and said “wow, I feel my competitive juices flowing.” I’m not sure how to feel about that. (Gentoo + eating contest = …lolwhut?)

3. A bunch of News and Observer writers are sitting a table over, talking about how much they hate the pricks in the state government who will talk to the AP guy, but not to them. Outstanding.

I’ll be here for a few hours yet, working on an article about Red Hat High for Red Hat Magazine. When I’m done with it, I’ll post the link here.

The Borough is awesome.

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