Touche, Mr. Warner.

So Douglas contends that Fedora lacks direction.

The obvious follow-up question: what do you propose to do about it? 🙂

I would argue that Fedora doesn’t lack direction; rather, you would prefer to see it moving in a different direction. Which is completely fair.

So what does “moving Fedora in a different direction” entail? You’ve got a number of options.

One of those options: run for the board of FESCO — or even the Fedora Board itself. You’re eligible for both. Throw your hat in the ring, make your case, and then if/when you get elected, argue passionately for change.

Another option, and one that’s perhaps more immediately useful: start a SIG (special interest group) around a feature that matters to you. Convince other productive developers that it’s worth their time and energy to follow your lead. Think that more attention needs to be paid to “making upgrades work flawlessly,” like they do with other distros?

Start the “Fedora Upgrade SIG,” whose *only job* is to run “yum upgrade” and catalogue and resolve all of the upgrade bugs that emerge as a result. Honestly, upgrade should work in 98% of the cases anyway — but the reason Fedora doesn’t recommend “yum upgrade” is because of that other pesky 2%. Therefore: if you find enough developers who agree with your goals, you should be able to make that 2% happen. Even if you don’t succeed, you’ll learn some pretty valuable lessons about how to lead people to a common goal.

So. Are you gonna drop the gauntlet like that, and then walk away? Or are you going to step up and make something happen? One choice will make you a de facto leader in the Fedora community. The other choice: not so much.

FWIW: I think that making Fedora upgrades “just work” would be *extremely* useful. And there’s nothing fundamentally impossible about it. It just requires a lot of work. And a strong leader.

Touche, Mr. Warner.

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