Patent trolls

Looks like Red Hat is soon to be engaged in a patent lawsuit with a Microsoft-aligned patent troll. For reasons that must be clear to all, I cannot comment much further on this matter directly.

I will, however, make three observations:

Observation the first. Novell, you sold your souls to Microsoft for nothing at all. Your “protection” was a complete illusion. How’s that for peace in our time, Prime Minister Chamberlain?

Observation the second. Red Hat lawyers are some of the brightest people I know. Matthew has been telling us for a very long time that they are some of the most important people at our company — in fact, in the free software world. Today, I hope we all see how true this is. I also hope that we still have Mr. Webbink on speed dial. I suspect that we do.

Observation the third. PJ, you don’t get nearly enough thanks for the difficult and vital service that you provide. Thank you for everything you do.

Patent trolls

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