I love it…

…when somebody decides to say in the press that “CentOS is killing Red Hat!”

Which leads to slashdot articles where people say things like, “I’m pretty sure that RedHat (sic) hates CentOS.”

To recap, yet again:

1. No, we don’t. At least, not most of us — because most of us actually *understand* the business we’re in. That’s why we’re making all this nice money. If we *did* hate CentOS, we could make it awfully difficult for them in any number of ways — delaying updates, hiding marks and making them play “where’s Waldo” every release, that sort of thing.

2. The “coy mumbo jumbo” about how we allow CentOS to refer to their upstream vendor has to do with trademark protection, not hate. We don’t want “Red Hat” to turn into “Kleenex”.

3. You know who’s *really* hurt by CentOS? Forks of CentOS — like Oracle Unbreakable Linux. Ouch.

4. Here’s a question: why is there no CentOS equivalent based on SuSE products? Think about it.

5. A lot of the significant people in the CentOS community are actually important and respected members of the Fedora community as well. That way, Red Hat can benefit directly from the work of the most savvy CentOS users. That’s how open source works, you see.

6. It’s Red Hat, with a space. Not RedHat. Get it right, or we’ll send you a cease-and-desist letter. (I’m kidding. Probably.)

7. Know who we *really* hate? Tom Brady. Although I guess I’m using the royal “we” there.

I love it…

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