I am Ebbsfleet United, and so can you!

“Twenty thousand people playing fantasy football with a club that real fans love – I can only see it ending in disaster.”

Dear supporters of Ebbsfleet United, formerly Gravesend & Northfleet:

Before yesterday’s announcement, I never even knew you existed.

Today, I know that the Fleet plays in Conference National, four leagues below the Premiership, and that we lost a preliminary round match that would have put us in the FA Cup proper, costing the club 10,000 pounds, but that the youth side is still in the hunt. I’ve been scouring the internet trying, unsuccessfully, to find Ebbsfleet kit for purchase — an oversight that I, as part-owner of your club, find outrageous and will work to fix. I’m purchasing access to Setanta so that I can watch the fixture against Woking in a fortnight over the internet. I’m planning a trip to Stonebridge Road in the spring so that I can pack myself into your stand, which will mark the first English football match I will ever have seen in person.

I don’t give two craps about Man U or Gooners or Spurs. I care about Ebbsfleet United. I hope that you, loyal citizens of Kent, will accept me and people like me as your brothers-in-arms.


I am Ebbsfleet United, and so can you!

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