New Year’s Resolutions

One for home life, one for work life.

For home life: “No TV without work or appointment.” What this means: I will watch TV if and only if (a) I’m doing something useful as I watch, like working out or folding clothes, or (b) I’ve made an appointment with my wife to watch something in particular. It’s way too easy to be lazy in life, and TV makes my natural laziness inordinately worse.

For work life: “Use BlockSite to break your bad habits.” Bad habits like repeatedly visiting ESPN, Slashdot and CNN just because my hands type in those URLs by default whenever my brain doesn’t give them clearer guidance. Nothing like a simple Firefox plug-in to completely change one’s habits.

Two days into the new year, and I’m already seeing the benefits. Yesterday, with all the time I saved, I wrote a 350-page novel. Today I’ll be cleaning our whole house with a toothbrush.

Next year’s resolution: get off of the meth.

Here’s hoping that I have my new XO in my hot little hands by the time FUDCon kicks off next weekend. What better place to officially kick off the RDU XO Group?

XO Group. XOG. Pronounced “Zog”. Join your local Xog. Maybe it’s catchy. Maybe not.

New Year’s Resolutions

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