“Project” versus “SIG”

Ahh, Fedora governance. šŸ™‚

To some degree, I think we worry too much about this stuff. I’ve always believed that governance in Fedora should be *extremely* lightweight and consensus-driven.

So the question of the day: should the newly-relaunched Fedora marketing effort be a “project” or a “special interest group”?

Here’s my simpleton take.

A “Fedora project” means that (a) the Board asks about its progress on a regular basis, (b) there’s a clear leader who is responsible for moving the project forward, (c) there are tasks defined for people to work on, and (d) there are occasional meetings to hold folks accountable for doing the things they said they’d do.

A “SIG” means that someone wants to get a new idea moving, and they want a mailing list / IRC channel / whatever, and they follow whatever “governance” model they see fit.

If governance in Fedora is not simple, then we’re probably Doing It Wrong.

“Project” versus “SIG”

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