Fedora weekend hacks

You there. Fedora geek. Yes, you.

I’m sure you’ve got a clever idea involving Fedora. Something you think you could probably hack together over a long weekend. Maybe it’s a clever desktop widget. Maybe it’s a Wesnoth campaign entitled “The March of Fedora”. Maybe it’s a func module for synching web server content. Maybe it’s a calendaring hack using ncurses. But whatever it is, it’s something you just can’t quite find the time to do.

Can you find the time to describe your “weekend hack”?

I’d love to have a catalogue of “weekend hacks” for Fedora wannabees. There are a lot of folks who would love to participate in Fedora, but who don’t necessarily want to learn the arcana of RPM to do it.

Take a couple of minutes and think about it: if you could spare a weekend to bang out some cool Fedora hack… what would it be?

Fedora weekend hacks

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