I offer the following code…

…under the WTFPL. Which Spot assures me is a valid license for Fedora, Zod help us.

I think that my terrible, terrible code speaks for itself. It’s self-documenting that way.

Hey, ambassadors! Got a big event? Want to draw attention to yourself and your booth? Just yum install espeak on your system, load the following script up with annoying Fedora slogans in multiple languages, find some truly gigantic speakers, and turn the volume up to ELEVEN!

Note: apparently, one of these translations is wrong and appears to lead native Brazilians to think we’re talking about squirrels. Not sure what to make of that.

Another note: offensive phrases removed. Replace them at your leisure.

Yet another note: I may have lost Dennis’s awesome phrasebook. If so, I’m a total asshat.

Can’t figure out how to use another language besides Brazilian Portuguese? Try man espeak. I can’t do everything for you.


# Absolutely, positively, do *not*
# use strict;

%translation = (
  "hello", "bom dia",
  "Fedora is awesome", "Fedora é surpreendente",
  "Contribute to Fedora.  Ask us how.", "Contribuir para o Fedora. Pergunte-nos como."

while () {
  foreach $english (keys %translation) {
    `espeak -v en -s 80 -a 200 -g 2 "$english"`;
    sleep 2;
    `espeak -v pt -s 80 -a 200 -g 2 "$translation{$english}"`;
    sleep 2;
I offer the following code…

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