You may notice…

…a lot more Portuguese on Planet Fedora lately.

This was at my urging. I think that we have an unnecessarily English-centric view of our Fedora world. After having met so many awesome Brasilieros at FISL, my first thought was “I want to see these guys blog.” So I asked them all to provide their blog feeds, and a number have obliged.

With immediate benefits. Today I was delighted to discover that Diego will be participating in GSoC to work on Transifex, and that Tulio sees a strong resemblance between Maddog and Santa, and that Duda needs to package nttcp for Fedora. 🙂

I know that many of our English readers find it painful to read through posts in multiple languages. It might be nice to figure out how to filter the Planet feed by language, for those who care, and to have one great big polyglot feed for those of us who love the international flavor.

And no, I don’t read Portuguese. Yet. But until I learn, Google translations are good enough. Seriously. Install the Firefox extension, and rudimentary translations are a right-click away.

Viva o Fedora! Brazil was awesome, and I will *definitely* be back.

(Pictures of my friends and I drinking mate will be coming soon.)

You may notice…

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