Mo, you are awesome.

The next task: putting together DEAD SIMPLE instructions for manufacturing these stickers. Like:

1. Go down to the local office store and buy Avery white sticker paper.

2. Put that sticker paper into your inkjet printer.

3. Fire up (program of choice). (Is it just “print from Inkscape”? How about “print from Evince”? Which is better?)

4. Print!

5. Cut out stickers, and cover your laptop with your very own Fedora witticisms!

I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Oh, and one more thing: you should really put the URL for the sticker page itself on the very bottom of the sticker page, in small print.

Oh, and another thing: a similar set of sticker pages with all of the hackergotchis of Fedora peeps would be *unbelievably awesome*. I want to be able to print off the head of our fearless leader and put filthy, filthy words in his mouth.


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