It appears that I spoke too soon.

Put my T41 laptop into hibernate as usual, and when I tried to wake it, I got the dreaded GRUB prompt. Now it won’t boot at all. And, of course, I left all my USB keys at home, so I don’t even have any rescue media to boot with.

Oh well. Guess I’ll figure it out on Tuesday.

Update: actually, I did find an empty USB stick rummaging through my backpack, which gave me the perfect opportunity to test Luke’s excellent LiveUSB creator for Windows. So I plugged the USB key into my mother-in-law’s Windows box, clicky clicky, go eat lunch, and when I come back, I’ve got Fedora 9 on a USB key. Which I’m now using on my otherwise bricked laptop. So, Luke, once again: awesome work.

And notting, expect a housecall on Tuesday morning. 🙂


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