Bravo, Seneca.

We’ve been working on this deal for a while now.

Mister Blizzard smacked me in the head sometime last year. “You want to do open source education? Mozilla and Seneca rock the house,” he said (more or less). “Where the hell is Fedora?” he said (more or less).

It’s a tricky thing, “teaching open source”. Having talked with a lot of professors over the past year or so, it’s clear that their hands are tied in many cases. Curriculum guidelines are strict, CS students are coming in the door knowing fewer fundamentals, and teaching open source means getting *involved* in open source. It takes time and effort. It’s more like running an apprenticeship than running a classroom.

So I’m extremely excited about our relationship with Seneca. The lessons we learn, we will share. Colleges and universities are where open source *must* thrive if the software commons is to continue its explosive growth.

Bravo, Seneca.

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