Crashing in Cambridge

So I’ve been here with SJ and Michael since about 11:30pm, and the past few hours have been a blur of ideas and possibilities. To summarize a few, very briefly:

1. Success stories. There are plenty of success stories around OLPC. People don’t know about them. How do we fix this problem? Seems like the kind of thing that Fedora Marketing folks could help with.

2. How do we get OLPC Weekly News off the ground?

3. How can we better work together to help OLPC scale out their infrastructure? One obvious place to help: build hosts. Providing OLPC community members with scratch Fedora systems to do OLPC package builds would be *immensely* useful. Can we make this happen in Fedora infrastructure?

4. There are tons of XOs waiting to find their way into helpful hands. SJ is literally ready to let me cart a bunch of them home with me. Fedora should be a distributor of XO systems to interested developers. How do we make this happen?

5. How do we make sure that the next FUDCon is actually an OLPC+FUDCon?

This is just a few hours’ worth of ideas — and I’m getting ready to drink from the firehose for the whole freaking week. I’m psyched.

Crashing in Cambridge

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