FUDCon Brno Thoughts, Day Zero

1. When splitting up into groups to have dinner in a foreign land, make sure that you have a native speaker in each group. Although pointing randomly at the menu served me well enough — the pork cutlet with mushroom gravy was excellent. Also, thanks to Dimitris for inadvertently ordering greek salads for everyone at the table.

2. I will find a karaoke bar in Brno before the weekend is done. Even if I have to go all by myself.

3. Jeroen appears to know a great deal about how to break the law in the Netherlands without being prosecuted for it. Not sure what to make of that observation.

4. The Brno office is gorgeous. I continue to be impressed by the ability of the facilities team at Red Hat to give every office worldwide that unique Red Hat character.

5. There’s cigarette smoke everywhere in this town. Meh.

FUDCon starts in an hour and a half. I’m particularly pumped to see various guys from Sugar Labs and OLPC. Should be an incredible few days.

FUDCon Brno Thoughts, Day Zero

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