FUDCon wrapup

Yeah, I didn’t manage to do a daily blog while I was at FUDCon. I was too busy working hard and playing hard. Yesterday was a travel/recovery day. Now that I’ve had a decent night’s sleep, a quick recap:

I spent most of the weekend with the Sugar Labs folks. We concluded our first-ever IRC meeting of the Sugar Labs Oversight Board — hereinafter referenced as the SLOB — and afterwards, famished, we went out for a real Czech meal. Tomeu is a Spaniard living in Prague, and the only one among us who has any Czech, so he basically had the whole thing planned out for us. We went to a humble restaurant right around the corner from the university, and Tomeu ordered what I believe to be pig knee:

It was delicious. I ate every bit of that pig knee that I could dig out.

We spent much of our time this weekend figuring out the structure for accomplishing things in Sugar Labs. Having gone through this exercise myself in Fedora-land, I continue to advocate the thinnest possible veneer of governance that still manages to keep a semblance of order. For now, we have established a number of committees, with people who are accountable for them. We need to get that information up on the Sugar Labs wiki soon, and when we do, I’ll shout it out to everyone. I do know that I am the head of the Events committee, and will be working to get people from Sugar Labs together to Get Things Done however I can.

Also, I’m hoping to be a real honest-to-goodness package maintainer in the very near future, working on Sugar activities for Fedora. That should be fun.

Finally: one of my favorite things in the whole world is to wander the streets, late at night, in a city I’ve never been to before. Brno did not disappoint.

FUDCon wrapup

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