Have an XO? Test Fedora!

Jeremy Katz has been busy. With the help of folks like Sebastian Dziallas and Jim Gettys, he has produced a Fedora derivative that will boot on the XO.

You can read his whole post, or you can cut to the chase and help test.

1. Get a developer key.

2. Download the latest Fedora on XO test image. Maybe we should call this “fedora-xo-alpha” or some nonsense. 🙂

3. Install it to USB using livecd-tools. (Step 2 1/2: buy a USB key if you don’t have one, heh.)

4. Boot your XO with it. Immediately kill gpk-update-icon since it’s a memory pig right now.

5. Use as you would normally use Fedora.

6. When you break things, file bugs against the XO-on-OLPC tracking bug.

And before anyone asks: Sugar is still the future. I’m on the Sugar Labs board, so I believe that as strongly as anyone — more strongly than most, in fact. But lots of people still want to be able to run a standard Linux desktop on the XO, especially the next round of G1G1 recipients who already have expectations of what a computer can do. Therefore, as we work to improve the Sugar experience, we are also working to make to XO as usable as possible — which means getting F10 working with it.

So. If you have an XO, please help.

Have an XO? Test Fedora!

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