Community EKG

One of the big questions that concerns me as a Red Hat Community Guy:

Does Red Hat run effective upstream projects, and do other folks participate in those projects?

I wrote a little tool I called “community EKG” to help figure this problem out, by just examining mailing list traffic. Unfortunately, I am not actually a developer anymore (some would argue I never really was) and Michael DeHaan, after having seen the very rough start, graciously took it over and has turned it into something that is actually useful. Go have a look.

The lesson this data teaches me: transparency in open source projects is necessary, but not sufficient. The most successful projects tend to have the most discussion beyond the company fencelines. Some of these project mailing lists are not much more than Red Hat employees talking to one another.

Michael, I’d love to see the JBoss mailing lists in this report.

Community EKG

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