XOs, FSOSS, and so on and so forth

1. International XOs are shipped, and I have the tracking numbers to prove it! Some of them are arriving already. I’m going to be very busy the next couple of days with limited access to my Red Hat email — but if you send a note to my personal email (greg.dekoenigsberg at gmail) I will send your tracking number to you in what spare moments I have.

As a side note: I am now painfully aware of the logistic hurdles around the XO shipment process, and hope to work more directly with the folks at OLPC to work through them. I’m profoundly sorry that you, patient volunteers, had to suffer through my learning curve in this regard.

2. Here in the lounge at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca College, also known as FSOSS. As one of my fellow attendees just said to me, “it feels like a smaller OSCON.” I think that’s about right. (I’m still bummed that OSCON will be leaving Portland.) The facilities here at Seneca@York are really lovely. The accommodations, not so nice. Feels like we’re in the Toronto equivalent of the Bronx.

3. I’ve travelled to Canada a bunch — but not lately. So when I showed up at the airport to check in kiosk and was asked for my passport, it was a terrible revelation. I went through the seven stages of grief in about fifteen seconds — and then I called my wife and had to admit that I was a complete idiot. She rushed home to get my passport, but by the time she returned, they’d already locked me out (even though it was still 40 minutes before the flight time). Oh well. Funny that as the rest of the world continues to loosen their borders, America has tightened hers. Sad.

To those I was hoping to see last night in Toronto, my apologies, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you sometime in the next few days.

Looking forward to an exciting time here. On Sunday: a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame. I ditched all of my standard Fedora t-shirts in favor of Hurricanes t-shirts this week. (Today: Rod Brind’Amour.) If I get into a fistfight with a Leafs fan (“SIX-ty SE-ven”), I’ll post pics of my black eye. 😉

XOs, FSOSS, and so on and so forth

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