La Dolce Vita: chapter 5

Fedora users have been asking me: how can I help with Sugar?

There are always a lot of answers to that question. It’s not like there’s ever any shortage of work to be done. But I’d like to point out one particular task that is always extremely useful and relatively straightforward.

(You have an account in the Fedora Account System, right? Of course you do, because it’s dead simple, and to do anything really interesting in Fedora, you must have an account. So of course you have an account. Moving on.)

Please go install Sugar packages from the updates repository, and report your results. Every new Fedora package must spend a bit of time in the updates repository. Someday, if the package is very good and enough people show it some love, it becomes Real. Just like the Velveteen Rabbit.

It’s easy to find a list of Sugar packages that need to be tested; just run this query to get the current list. (This query will pull up all Sugar packages for all versions of Fedora; we just want to focus on the updates for Fedora 10.) Click on a package to see details about that package — including a link to add a comment about that package. This is important! If you add a comment and click the “works for me” button, you move that package one vote closer to promotion. That’s the goal: to get good packages promoted.

Of course, it’s bad karma to vote up a package without actually installing and testing it. Fortunately, installing it is a simple, single command (run as root):

yum –enablerepo=updates-testing install $PACKAGE

…where you replace $PACKAGE with the name of the package you want to install. Be sure to give your new package a good workout before giving it a vote. And if it doesn’t work, leave a helpful comment — and saying “it doesn’t work” is not helpful. Should take you all of half an hour, and you’re learn a new Sugar activity in the process. What could be better?

Go! Play with new Sugar packages! Vote them up! Make them Real!

(Also, a question to experienced Fedora packaging folks: how many votes does a package need to be promoted, and what’s the process for that?)

La Dolce Vita: chapter 5

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