La Dolce Vita: chapter 6, in which we feel a slight stinging sensation.

Hello, Sugar lovers. We’re a few days into the Fedora 10 era, and we have some issues with Sugar. Let me point out two of the big ones — one that has an easy fix, and one that doesn’t.

I assume that you have installed everything Sugar-related by running the following command:

yum groupinstall “SUGAR Desktop Environment”

You have? Very good, then. Onward to the headaches.

Issue #1: Sugar crashes right away with ImportError. This simple bug shows up for everyone in F10 by default; anyone who tries to launch Sugar gets the blank X screen. Oops. Nobody’s perfect, eh? Fortunately, it’s already been fixed and the fix has enough karma in the updates testing repository so that it should find its way into the stable repository very soon. But for the impatient, you can fix this straightaway with a simple command, as root:

yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update sugar-base

Run that command, and you should be all set. (You’re looking for sugar-base-0.82.2-4 or later, to be clear.) You can then either launch sugar by running sugar-emulator on the command line, or selecting Sugar as your environment when you log in. Both should work well.

Issue #2: Presence doesn’t work. Something about the switch to Network Manager 0.7 has broken the bits that allow users to connect to a presence server — the presence server being the bit that allows you to see other Sugar users in your neighborhood view. This code all has a long way to go generally, but being able to see other users reliably will be a good first step. I know that erikos, morgs and others are working actively on this problem, and I’ll provide more info as I learn more about it.

La Dolce Vita: chapter 6, in which we feel a slight stinging sensation.

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