La Dolce Vita: chapter 7, in which our hero makes the switch for good.

It’s done. I’m a real Sugar user now, and I’m never going back.

Sugar in Fedora 10 is stable enough for me to use it day-to-day. Some of my habits will need to change, and I’ll need to advocate for a few small changes in Sugar to make me a bit more comfortable — but I’m confident that I can be productive enough to make the switch permanently.

Some useful tips, for those who are still getting accustomed to the interface:

1. alt-tab is your friend. I currently keep a number of windows open: the ubiquitous Journal, XoIrc for IRC, terminal for email (I’m an Alpine user), three or four Browse sessions, and a Write session or two. That’s it most of the time, and it’s sufficient. Moving back and forth between them with alt-tab is trivial. (Note that this only works when you’re booting via gdm; if you’re running sugar-emulator, it will try to move back and forth between GNOME windows.)

2. F3 is your friend. If you want to launch a new activity, hit F3. Again, trivial.

3. Get used to using Browse for 90% of your work. Folks, this is the future. Tomboy is great, but I’ve traded it for a combination of Write and Google Docs, and I’m not sorry. There are shortcomings, of course, mainly around synching online work and offline work — but if there were a simple AbiWord extension that allowed connection to Google Docs, and to use Google Docs as the backend to an AbiWord frontend… well, that would be crazy awesome for the workflow that I’m currently falling into.

The adventure continues. The next thing to get working: connection to presence servers in F10. Then after that: a tracker for presence servers. More on that idea later.

La Dolce Vita: chapter 7, in which our hero makes the switch for good.

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