Synching OLPC and Fedora development

OLPC is now working hard on their 9.1.0 release, and their roadmap is very clearly outlined. Well done to all the OLPC people for their ever-increasing efforts to keep external folks in the loop.

There are two items to which interested Fedora contributors should be paying particularly close attention.

First: Rebase 9.1.0 on Fedora 10. This is a big one. OLPC has made a strong commitment to move as much of their work as possible into Fedora packages upstream. At latest count, there are approximately 25 packages in the OLPC-4 repository that are forked from their F10 counterparts. We can use all the help we can get from the Fedora community to help bring these packages into mainline Fedora. Peter Robinson in particular has been a big help, but we can always use more. Remember: every hour an OLPC developer spends maintaining a forked package is an hour they cannot use to save the world.

Second: Run Fedora applications on the XO. This is another big one. Users all over the world love Sugar, but its limitations can be painful. Many users want to run Fedora applications that simply don’t look good under Sugar. There are some good approaches to solving this problem — replacing Matchbox with a tiled window manager, for instance — but it’s a problem that can use more eyes.

If you are interested in helping with either of these problems, leave a comment and find us at FUDCon.

Synching OLPC and Fedora development

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