Fedora 11 and OLPC

As the release date for Fedora 11 gets ever closer, it’s time for those of us Fedorans who have XOs in our possession to keep our eyes on the nightly builds.

To be clear: our ultimate goal is to get as close as possible to running stock Fedora on the XO, including Sugar. But in the meantime, there are some gaps that we know about. Some things just don’t work. And because of those gaps, Chris Ball of OLPC is putting together nightly builds that are mostly Fedora, with whatever tweaks are necessary to get us over the hump.

Chris is doing a great job with these nightlies. He’s got all the latest builds, and instructions for getting them installed, here.

So if you have an XO, and especially if you received one for the purpose of doing testing, please find a few hours to download the latest nightly you can find to SD or USB, and give it a spin.

We suspect that some of these bugs are fixed — so have a look. If you find that the bugs persist in your build, say so in the bug: “yeah, as of build 20090226, this is still busted for me.” Or, if it’s fixed, note that it’s fixed and close it!

Fedora 11 and OLPC

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