All right, since Adam gets to talk Dutch baseball, now I can. 🙂

Because the game between the Dutch and the Dominicans was on ESPN Deportes and therefore not available in my area, I was forced to “watch” the last two innings on the internet. As a longtime follower of the Baltimore Orioles (“fan” would be a bit strong, but let’s say I have contacts), I’ve long been familiar with both Eugene Kingsale and Sidney Ponson — two of the three ballplayers on the Dutch team with MLB experience. Neither of them were that good. So to see the Dutch beat the mighty Dominicans — not once, but *twice* — was an amazing thing. I wonder if the Dutch even know they have a national baseball team. I myself was jumping up and down in my living room when the little blip on the webcast representing Kingsale moved from third to home for the game winning run in the bottom of the 11th.

My big question: why isn’t Andruw Jones on this team? I mean, I know he’s not been great the last couple of years, but still, he’s pretty much the greatest Dutch player in the history of baseball.


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