POSSE, Day Zero

People are starting to trickle in here at the POSSE hotel. Chris, his wife and kids have arrived, as have Matt and Christian, and Fardad, and Kent, and Dave. Mel is on her way from the airport as we speak, and Max is also on his way, after having called me from the wrong hotel, befuddled at finding no one there. Silly Max.

I’d told everyone to meet in the lobby at 5pm-ish for meet-and-greet, but sadly, I did not realize until too late that, here at Candlewood Suites, there is no lobby to speak of. So everyone will be re-convening at 6:15 to head off to our 6:30 dinner reservation.

Still no wireless in the POSSE classroom at Red Hat HQ. Chris tells me that mock for F11 is in shambles. In other words, the typical reasons for slight panic before such an event. Still, I’m excited to get POSSE underway, in what I hope will be the first of many POSSEs around the globe in the years to come.

POSSE, Day Zero

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