Tasty Thincrust

I’m really impressed by how easy Thincrust is to use — at least in my limited use case, which is “define my own virtual machine and then get it running as a guest on my laptop in half an hour.”

It took me literally 30 minutes on my spiffy F11 system (Thinkpad X200 that runs full virt natively) to:

1. Download the Thincrust tools;

2. Download a bunch of kickstart files;

3. Edit one to add a few things in %post to play around with;

4. Build a virtual image using Thincrust Appliance Creator;

5. Play with the virtual machine built to my exact specs.

Shockingly simple. I tried to use “virt-install” and ran into funky problems that I lacked the capacity to troubleshoot, but Thincrust Just Worked. Kudos to you, Mr. Kearney.

Tasty Thincrust

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