Xtra Ordinary for the XO

So I’m hanging out with Karlie and Todd Robinson this afternoon at their lovely home in Rochester, and Karlie just showed me the distro that Todd optimized for the XO. Todd calls it Xtra Ordinary. It’s pretty cool. Based on LXDE with some nifty hacks. (Based on DebXO, but I’ll forgive them that, heh.)

The thing I like best: the plug-in for Iceweasel called Glazoom. It resizes the main browser pane to fit into your screen size — which, for the XO, is one of these small tweaks that makes it *amazingly* useful. Note to Fedora Mini folks: consider shipping this plug-in by default.

This afternoon we head over to visit the Computer Science House at RIT, and then tomorrow we spend the day with Stephen Jacobs, the RIT professor who is teaching his students to write games for the XO. Great, great stuff, and I’m hoping to learn as much from him as possible to spread to other programs at other schools. Also, looking forward to getting his feedback on our nascent open source textbook effort.

Also, apparently there’s one of these in my future:

(Props to andrewc for the CC BY-NC-SA image of the garbage plate.)

Xtra Ordinary for the XO

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