Something important, Redux

Reprinting this comment from my friend Badger, who read my blog post about the Open Textbook Act of 2009 and actually took me up on it:

“I wrote both my Senators. A staffer at Senator Burr’s office just telephoned me, thanking me for the email, telling me the bill has been referred to the Education Committee that Burr is a member of, they’ll be looking into this, and thanks again for the email. (I asked if the staffer knew if the Senator had an official position on the bill, and the staffer said not yet.) But the phone call was a nice surprise.”

Participatory democracy works, people. When you actually tell your senator that something matters, sometimes they even call you back to let you know how things are going — and sometimes they’re even on the committee that determines if that bill becomes law.

These things matter. Do a small thing, and sometimes it turns into a big thing.

Thanks, Badger.

Something important, Redux

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