Thanks for the response, Pete!

Glad someone’s paying attention to my blog. And now that I’ve got your attention, Pete, maybe you can answer the following question!

What do you have, today, that is:

a. packaged in Fedora;
b. documented;
c. allows users to create and manage images;
d. allows users to create and manage storage;
e. all in a UI;
f. that engineers are actively improving;
g. that is functionally superior to Eucalyptus;
h. that people can play with, right now, today?

Understand: I’m not saying that you won’t get there. I’m aware of the efforts in progress. I just want to be able to see, in Fedora, what’s out there, right now, today. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Why is the prospect of even *packaging* Eucalyptus so frightening?

What should really frighten you is that it took all of two hours for me to get a half-dozen members of the Fedora community to say “I’d love to help package Eucalyptus”. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE LOOKING AT IT ALREADY. And so is just about everyone else I’ve talked to lately who’s interested in the Private Cloud idea.

If you’ve got a better story to tell, Pete, then now is the time to tell it. And just pointing people to a git repo is not telling the better story. It’s just inviting people to get lost, frustrated, and confused.

(p.s. Any reason you’re not aggregated on Fedora Planet?)

Thanks for the response, Pete!

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