Hello world!

And goodbye, Livejournal.  I’m just tired of the spam.  You were never that good anyway.

Now if only I can figure out all the places I’m aggregated…

Hello world!

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Stephen Smoogen says:

    Waiter: sir what would you like for breakfast? We have spam, spam and eggs, spam, spam and eggs, and our special: spam, spam,spam and spam.

    Start viking chorus: spam spam spam. spamity spam! spam SPAM!

  2. 🙂 With all this LJ -> WP movement for Fedora folks, it does make WP the preferred platform.

    I know that you get aggregated on the TOS Planet, Planet Fedora and Planet OLPC.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful, savory goodness that is WordPress. I’m using a self-hosted version, so I can take advantage of some awesome plugins that I like, but the free service is great too.

    Looks like your migration went well, no?

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