WWW2010 Developers Track: Call For Proposals

The Nineteenth International WWW Conference is taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina from April 26-30.  It is, as the kids say, A Pretty Big Deal.  (Is that what the kids say?)

Vint Cerf is keynoting.  Don’t you want to present a paper at WWW2010, where Vint Cerf is keynoting?  Of course you do.  So submit a paper to the Developers’ Track.  It’s an ideal venue for short reports of both industry and academic technical works.  Submission deadline is February 26th.

The gory details, from the official CFP:

The Developers Track focuses on the general WWW development community.  Participants are invited to present new trends and interesting ideas, code and APIs of applications, platforms and emerging standards. Demonstrations of technical “nitty-gritty” are strongly encouraged. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, Browsers and Plugins, Web Metrics, Health, Science and Education, Web Social Impact, Information Integration and Mash-ups, Web Software and Tools, Information Mining and Reporting, Mobile Web, Monetization, Multimedia, Scalable System and Cloud Computing, Search, Security, Semantic Web, Social Network, Standards and Protocols, User Interface, Open Source (FLOSS) Development for the Web.

Note that bit on the end.  All of you who care about Freedom On The Web: this means you.

So let’s see some papers.  I’m the chair of the developers track, so you gotta make me look good.  Ping me if you have any questions.

WWW2010 Developers Track: Call For Proposals

3 thoughts on “WWW2010 Developers Track: Call For Proposals

  1. myself and a collegue are working on a paper concerning learning in communities and social tools to support competence development. We were considering to submit it to the developer’s track but are unsure on the number of pages. is it 10 pages as in the case of technical papers?

  2. Abudakam says:

    Hi, can I upload a presentation slide (in pdf) for developer’s track CFP? Or it is a must also adhere as same as Paper and Demo Guidelines?

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