euca2ools almost in Fedora: test ’em!

The package euca2ools hit the Fedora 12 testing repo last week.  For folks who play around with Amazon EC2, it’s worth checking out.

What is it?  Glad you asked.

Amazon EC2 instances can be managed through the Amazon web UI, which is kinda lame — or command-line tools, which are kinda awesome for all the reasons that CLI rules.

Now, Amazon publishes an API for talking to their EC2 backend, and they also publish tools that use that API.  Sadly, though, those tools are not available under an open source license.

But euca2ools *is* available!  Since the API is open, and since Eucalyptus is basically written to be an API-level compatible private cloud manager, it follows that the euca2ools work both for Eucalyptus and for EC2.  Which means that we’ve got open source tools to manage Amazon EC2 instances in Fedora… w00t!

At least, we will when enough people test it in Bodhi and give their a-ok.  Therefore: if you’re managing EC2 instances from a Fedora system, ditch your Amazon tools and give euca2ools a try, and if it works for you, give it your karma love pls.

(Note: euca2ools is one thing; Eucalyptus itself is another, and is not yet close to being available in Fedora.)

euca2ools almost in Fedora: test ’em!

One thought on “euca2ools almost in Fedora: test ’em!

  1. Delicious. Is this going in F13? I feel … so… Mr. Burns, right now.

    “Exxxxxxxxcellent. This will be perfect for glamorous marketing talking points. In F13 or F14. Smithers! Bring me the blogging tool! And the wikiwhatchacallit!”

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