Wow. We kinda wrote a book.

I guess the textbook is old news now, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am that we got so much help in getting in done — and I think we’ll be getting a lot more, soon.  Often, the key is just to get the ball rolling.  When people feel like your project isn’t a dalliance, but an actual inevitability, then everyone gets waaaaay more interested.

We never had a textbook for “how to get involved in open source” — and now we do.  One less impediment for those hardy souls who want to teach it in a formalized setting.

I also put an article up on today — check it out.  Tell your friends.

(Maybe someone should tell Slashdot.  Do people still do that?)

Wow. We kinda wrote a book.

One thought on “Wow. We kinda wrote a book.

  1. Thomas says:

    I have to admit I came here because of that other post. Maybe being talked about isn’t that bad after all. Some great reads here.

    Thanks a lot for your contributions to this book and your inspiring posts. It’s a great help in trying to find a way to get involved.

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