Bringing in the students

As we continue to dive into the world of academia, we are starting to see the huge value in the highly multidisciplinary nature of open source.

We have, to date, focused most of our education efforts on computer science students and professors.  We’ve written a textbook (patches welcome) and we’re running professor bootcamps (applicants welcome) — both currently focused on the coding side of the open source world.

Still, there are so many places to contribute to open source projects that have very little to do with code — and some of these potential areas of contribution dovetail very nicely with some fairly traditional college majors.

It’s exciting to see Matt Jadud’s ongoing work at Allegheny.  He was one of our first POSSE professors, and to see his work expand at Allegheny is encouraging — it feels like we’re on the right track.  We need to figure out how to make more Matt Jaduds.  Go read his latest article on

Bringing in the students

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