A simple jQuery “educational” “game”

OK, at this point it would be a stretch to call it a “game”, since games (a) have a goal and (b) are fun. It would also be a stretch to call it “educational”, since it has a question bank with all of ten questions. Still, it’s an illustrative starting point.

You can take a look at the “game” here, and you can get the source from Github. (Or by just viewing the source in your browser, of course.)

It took me about two hours of coding time to whip this thing together, using David O’Trakoun’s excellent and simple jQRPG as a starting point. Most of that two hours, btw, was Googling for basic Javascript syntax.

Again, not much as a game. Yet. But writing this kind of simple game (current length: 245 lines of code) is well within the capacities of any bright high school student; I remember writing similar games when I was in high school myself. The magic is in figuring out the pedagogical and participatory framework.

So, um… patches welcome. Especially any patches that contribute any fun gameplay at all. 🙂

A simple jQuery “educational” “game”

6 thoughts on “A simple jQuery “educational” “game”

  1. Found a bug :p …I have active “find as you type” in Firefox so every time I press a letter to answer a question, the focus move away from the gameplay area.

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