Look out, Rosetta Stone.

Because the FSI Language Courses are coming for you.

Haven’t heard of FSI Language Courses? Me either. As it turns out, the “FSI” stands for “Foreign Service Institute” — the folks in the United States government who have to teach foreign languages to all their employees. And all of their materials are now in the public domain. Texts, audio, exercises — everything. All public domain.

The wife and I are going to Finland in October to watch our beloved Carolina Hurricanes open the NHL season in Helsinki. Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer conversational Finnish — but FSI does.

One of the most amazing Open Educational Resources I’ve ever seen.

Look out, Rosetta Stone.

3 thoughts on “Look out, Rosetta Stone.

  1. Benoit says:

    Tell me if I’m wrong but my impression was that FSI courses are to Language what DCW is to GIS.. It’s good for the money, actually the only freely available data but fairly outdated.

    My experience with FSI is purely limited to the Thai Courses though.

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