Joining the local hacker space

I’ve decided to join the local hacker space in Durham, SplatSpace. $50/month for 24/7 access, and it’s right downtown, next to my favorite restaurant and my favorite bar.

I expect I’ll be there a fair amount, too, since working from home all the time gets old, and coffeeshops are increasingly annoying with their overpriced lattes and their oversubscribed wireless and their general overcrowdedness.

And besides, Durham is on the upswing, and helping to build the hacker culture in Durham is something that appeals deeply to me. I know there are all kinds of cool events going on there now; maybe I can help with those in some way.

I’m also embarking upon a cool little side project, that I hope to unveil soon, and that I hope to find friends at SplatSpace (and elsewhere, of course) to join in on.

Joining the local hacker space

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