Code for Mongo is up.

It’s on Github:

It’s a fork of KesieV’s codebase, with our little game added into the mix.  (Github for the win, again.)  I’ll be working on the README to make some of the basics a little clearer, but it’s already pretty simple.

My goal for this week: create The Long Hall. The entry point for the game will be The Long Hall with lots of doors — and those doors will be for contributors! Want to add a little educational mini-dungeon to Mongo? Just ask for commit access and claim a door. 🙂

Quite a bit of interest over the last few days, which is gratifying. Maybe we’re on the right track after all.

(p.s. now hanging out in #tinygames on freenode.  Not a lot of action there yet, but y’know.  Takes time.)

Code for Mongo is up.

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