Hey, Fedora hockey fans — who ya got?

In the upcoming battle between the Fighting Callaways of Boston and the Silky Smooth Williamsons of Vancouver, my money is on the Williamsons.

It’s a pity we haven’t seen any wagers yet. Spot would look awful good in a glue-on Sedin goatee at an upcoming keynote.

(Apologies to those of you who don’t follow the ijshockey — but man, why don’t you?)

Hey, Fedora hockey fans — who ya got?

17 thoughts on “Hey, Fedora hockey fans — who ya got?

  1. I think I still owe someone a hat from the last wager, don’t I?

    I like the glue-on goatee idea, but what’s the other side of the wager? Would I have to get up on stilts and wear a Chara jersey or something? 🙂

    1. dagny87 says:

      I believe that in losing, you’d have to uphold your reputation as a Silky Smooth Williamson and shave your legs. 🙂

  2. Larry Cafiero says:

    Got to go geographic here: Sharks failed as usual — their M.O. was/is to give up the game with 13 seconds left despite shooting 140 shots on goal — so I’m siding with the Silky Smooth Williamsons, the Canucks and the Green Men.

  3. I’ll tell you — I’ve never understood why hockey players get all butthurt when, in the midst of delivering a facewash, they get their hands bitten. Don’t want your hand to get bitten? Don’t stick it in my mouth, kthx.

    I feel bad for Tim Thomas, though. He seems like a really great guy, and that’s a shitty way to lose a game.

    1. LOL — this from my lovely wife:

      “If a kid comes to me and says ‘Miss Melanie, Miss Melanie, so-and-so bit me,’ except the kid was wearing leather gloves and couldn’t show any blood or even meaningful teeth marks, I would say to that kid ‘waah, quit being a crybaby.’ Why are hockey players any different?”

    1. Tom Callaway says:

      I, like Tim Thomas, will be taking the high road, and not comment on Adam’s choice of team, or the quality of their goaltender.

    2. Tom Callaway says:

      You can bite us, concuss us, cheap hit and dive around us. You can criticize our goalie, our ice, our TV coverage, and even our fans. None of that matters, because we had the heart, the fight, and we just wanted it more.

      GO BRUINS!

      PS Those twins are still creepy.

      1. what you had was tim thomas.

        not to labor the point, but: for the cup series, Vancouver shots: 246. Vancouver goals: 8. Boston shots: 225. Boston goals: 23. Pretty obvious what happened there.

        Tone down the martyr shit already: you play as dirty as anyone. You can take the high road when Thomas stops high sticking and slashing people, kay? You won a very close series behind a guy who’s an incredible goalie as well as a complete jackass, and a lot of bounces. Congratulations. But it’s nothing to do with heart, fight, or wanting it more – you really think both teams don’t want to win the cup? Sheesh. Anyway, congratulations.

      2. oh, and if we’re talking tv coverage – nbc are terrible, but CBC are appalling. I’d listen to the radio except you can’t get it to sync up with the pictures. Never mind the hockey, there were some classic moments in their coverage of the riot: over a picture of two cop cars that have been burning nicely for a couple of minutes, “those cars are officially on fire now”. Over a shot of a street everyone in the room instantly recognized, “I’m not exactly sure what direction we’re looking in here…” Very good, CBC. le sigh.

  4. Tom Callaway says:

    Yeah, I hear that CBC is amateur hour.

    I disagree with several of your points above, but you know what, it’s okay. 🙂 Vancouver’s time will come.

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