Loving the work that the RENCI folks at Duke are doing on top of Eucalyptus. They’ve got a set of patches that sit atop Eucalyptus proper, and they call their patches “Neuca”. I lol’d when I found that out.  It rolls swimmingly off the tongue.

We’ve seen quite a few of these kinds of projects.  It’s a key indicator of success that people are building this functionality on top of our base.

Our ability to incorporate these kinds of patches directly into mainline will be a key indicator of our maturity as an open source company going forward.

As I discussed at SCALE 10x this past weekend, I believe that our current contributor agreement needs an update.  That work will take some time, and I can’t really say much about it yet — but the prospect of working more closely with RENCI and others provides strong motivation to Get It Right.  It’s a key challenge, and I’m exciting about tackling it head-on in the coming weeks.

(p.s. RAGE HATE SPELLING FAIL.  The likelihood of my typing “eucalytpus” is pretty much an even money bet.)


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