Euca hackfest achievement: unlocked!

Well, that was fun.  🙂

Some lessons learned from this week’s inaugural Eucalyptus hackfest:

1. Make sure we’ve got the right image prepped.  We could have sworn that we needed F17 for OpenShift Origin — turns out we needed F16.  We were halfway through our allotted time before we had a suitable F16 image.

2. Openshift Origin is *big*.  There are a *lot* of packages. There are the packages you need to install to get rake working, and then there are the packages that the rake script installs… and *then* there are the packages that rake *builds* (which is why it installs mock on your instance — we were wondering about that, and then we found out.)  My large image couldn’t keep up; Andy finally had some success with an x-large image.

3. I like cloud-init in F17 way better than I like it in F16, because it gives me better log files.

4. Two hours isn’t enough time to finish a hackfest, but it’s definitely enough time to get a good start, and to get excited on what you’re working on.  Next up: tackling configuration issues.

Thanks to all the folks who showed up.  Looking forward to next week’s hackfest, whatever that may be.

Euca hackfest achievement: unlocked!

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